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[RULES] Read This If You Have Been banned/muted

on Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:25 am
The servers and forums are the property and we can ban you for any reason we choose. If you are deemed to be unsuitable for our servers then you will be removed. It is not your right to be a player, it is a privilege and your participation can be stopped at any time at our according.
The following must be read or your request will be ignored. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse.

Before you proceed make sure you first check our banlists and search if you are listed and for what reason. If you do find yourself listed on the banlists and find the reason for this to be untrue you can create an unban thread following the rules and template below.

Creating threads with threats to our admins, being disrespectful, being cocky, being angry or shouting will not get you unbanned and your thread will be ignored/removed and your forum account may be permanently banned.

Provide the following

Name: Your ingame name at the time of the banning/muting

Server: The server you were banned/muted on

Admin: The admin who banned/muted you.

SteamID: Read this thread
You must provide this ID on your report. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please DO NOT REMOVE the template provided. Or your thread WILL be ignored.


- Respect Admins
Users who disrespect, annoy or troll will be banned from all servers.

- Cheaters
If you have been banned for cheating, don't even bother making a thread. We have zero tolerance for such players.

- Privacy
The only users allowed to post in the request thread are the players involved and admins, nobody else. We will not warn you. The offending accounts will be banned accordingly.

If you don't agree with any of the above then don't post a thread, find another server.

What happens after you posted your unban thread?
The admins will get notified of your unban thread. They will then review if the ban is conclusive. After reviewing you will get a reply, which usually means within 72 hours.
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